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ARM Cortex SWD   (6  products)

ARM Cortex SWD

ARM Cortex Serial Wire Debug

short called SWD Debug is an alternative debug interface defined by ARM for the Cortex MCU.
This interface is using less signals compared to standard JTAG.

Due to this fact the swd debug connector could be reduced to 6 pins instead to the 10 pins typically used by an JTAG connector.

In result the 6 pin TC2030 Tag-Connect cables could be used.
If space is premium, Tag-Connect plug-of-nails™ products allows to keep debug capabilities from first prototyp until final product pcb payout.

You could find more SWD informations on ARMs websites at Serial-wire-debug.

Tag-Connect provides a huge amount of different plug-of-nails™ cables for direct connection with specigic debugger and programmer models.