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Tag-Connect Plug-of-Nails download cables for all kind of uC debug and program

Tag-Connect allows to debug and programm all kind of microcontroller and programmable devices like flash and FPGA/CPLD devices without stuffing a huge and costly connector to your target pcb.
For almost all kind of debug interfaces like SWD, JTAG, ISP, ICSP interfaces and protocols, you could use ready to use cables, adapter and pin-outs.

All kind of businesses from freelancing to enterprice using Tag-Connect Plug-of-Nails™ product will help in saving money, space and time by providing a standardized product portfolio avaiable from stock.

The Benefits of Tag-Connect Plug-of-Nails™ connectors

  • ZERO Cost per Board!
  • No mating connector required on PCB!
  • Tiny footprint!
  • High Reliability Pogo Spring Pins for Secure Connection!
  • Rugged Design for Highly Repetitive Use!
  • Designed so it can only be inserted the correct way round!
  • Two versions both designed to cut your costs, save you time, and save space on your PCBs!

Almost all products could be delivered from european stock.

If you could not find your specific tag-connect product please contact us.
We will order and deliver your products fast and cheap.
Products with greater request will be added to our standard product portfolio and will be added to our stock.